New album Dolce Vita

9. December, 2022

After a period of changes, group Gioia also brings a new album with the positive name Dolce Vita (translated as Sweet Life) and eleven songs. At the very beginning of the new operation, the trio released the single Duša (Spirit) - a song that Matej Vaník wrote at the request of the now-deceased maestro Karel Gott. Karl liked the song very much and wanted to record it together with the trio, but his emerging health problems did not give him a chance. So Matej took it out of the drawer and the song was arranged in a new way and became the pilot song of the new composition of the group. And the concerts are really a great success.

The album Dolce Vita has been released twice. The first introducing took place at a sold-out concert in Prague's Karlin Music Theater and the second introducing awaited Gioia in Bratislava, where opera singer Miroslav Dvorský took on the role of godfather.