New restart with a new single

21. August, 2021

With a new restart, the GIOIA group also comes with a brand new single called Duša (Soul). The song was composed by Matej Vaník. It was originally intended for Karel Gott
(† 80). While he was still living, Matej was asked by his personal secretary  to compose a song for him. He did so, sent it to him, and received a very positive response. Maestro wanted to sing the song, but the song stayed on its side as the first signs of his illness appeared. Only now, after a long time when Martin came to the band, Matej decided to dust off this song, give it a brighter, more energetic tempo and a very nice lyrics. It is his statement about what he expects when his soul is "on the other side". A music video was also spontaneously made for the song, in which the boys showed not only that they were still on stage, creating, but also that they were happy with what they were doing. Also introduce him to a new member with whom they have become very human.